Fish and chips deconstructed? No, misconstrued Tim!

we had some beautiful loins of cod for dinner this evening. We’re all trying to eat more healthily, so everything was oven-baked with as little oil as possible.

for “chips” i baked some new potatoes on a salt base till for 30 minutes. the cod loins were placed on a baking sheet, seasoned, and i made a crust using some sourdough slices, parsley, garlic and blitzed everything in the magimix and then topped the cod with the mix.

the cod was placed on the bottom rung of the oven, together with some vine tomatoes, and cooked with the baked jackets for another 10 minutes.

as a dressing for the potatoes, i mixed together some greek yoghurt and caviar and spooned over. this was something i picked up from a swedish friend in tokyo many years ago.

so, a healthy, light, delicious meal for 4 with minimal prep ready in 40 minutes.


yet, i am still getting lots of stick from tim-in-amsterdam that we’re “still eating potatoes!”

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